USA custom built frames to your specifications. All  frames are   -  .120” to .156” wall thickness D.O.M. steel tubing. 100% MIG and/or TIG welded. 100% welded in rotating fixture. Motor mount, side plates, necks, and axle blocks are made in CNC machine. Tubing sizes available: 1"/ 1.25" / 1.5" for frame. 2" available for downtube (curved or straight).

Tell us what you want – what tire width,  single downtube,  fat diameter tube,  optional oil tank mounted., etc –

We’ll be happy to supply you with a quote.  

Here’s an example of a 250 left side drive rigid frame -  dimensions are 40 degree rake, 6 inches stretch in the downtubes,  2” inches stretch in the backbone.  Shown with standard double straight downtubes, and optional chrome oil tank w/ battery box installed.

  (shown with tool motor and trans used to verify fitment)

Here’s another example –

Whether it is a 200 series or 250 series left side drive rigid, or 300 series right side drive – we can provide you with the frame of your choice!  Just tell us the rake and stretches you seek.

Here’s another example – 30 degree rake, 0” inches stretch in backbone or downtubes, with optional wishbone style double downtubes, and barrel style oil tank.

If you have an idea for a special creation – let us know!